Specialty Bags

Specialty Bags

Fisher Container Corp. manufactures an incredible variety of specialty flexible plastic packaging. Our wide range includes, but is not limited to the examples listed (almost all of which are available in printed format).


Bags produced with film additives that reduce friction-induced static.

Autofill Bags

Bags on a roll separated by perforations, with one side open allowing for easy fill in automatic equipment.

Back Flip

Bags formed with a gusset next to the opening with easy flip and fold sealing to enclose and protect your product.

Bags on a Roll

Separated by a perforation.

Biodegradable Bags

Bags designed to disintegrate with normal exposure to nature.


Bags with a drawstring, rope, or plastic pull-ribbon for easy, attractive closure.

Die Cut Handle Bags

Bags with a handle, die-cut for carrying.

Door Knob

Bags with a round hanging hole.


Bags designed to protect items from an electric charge.

Fire Retardant

Bags produced from film with additives that raise its flash level.


Bags made from film that is freezer resistant, tough, and retains strong seals in cold conditions.

Handle Bags

Bags with handles attached, ideal for retail stores.

Ice Bags

A resilient, freezer-compatible bag.

Impulse Sealers and Heat Guns

Available in several sizes.


Tough, durable pouches and bags with re-sealable features designed for easy use and the protection your items mailed throughout the world.

Push N Turn Vials

Vials with push-and-turn unlocking action are certified child resistant. See full details here.

Round Bottom

Bags produced from a variety of films, ideal for protecting curved products that require form-fitting presentation.


Pouches and bags made to unique outlines.

Shrink Bags

Bags formed from films designed to shrink in heat tunnels.

Skin Packaging

Poly skin on surlyn skin, FCC also inventories skin boards.

Snap-Lock Boxes

Clear, rigid, snap-lock containers available in a variety of plastic types and sizes. Also available with a delta hang-hole.


Child resistant containers with easy-open lid and airtight seal, available in a variety of colors. See full details here.

SqueezeTops® J-Tubes

The only one-piece joint container to feature a squeeze-to-open design, available in a variety of colors. See full details here.

Tamper Evident

Bags designed to clearly indicate when your product has been violated.

Tape Closure

Bags with either a re-sealable or permanent tape closure.

Water Soluble Bags

Bags designed to disintegrate with exposure to water.


Bags staged on a metal pin system for use on automatic fill equipment.

Zipper Bags

Zipper lock for re-seal. Available in bottom-load, top-load, and tamper evident.