Child Resistant Packaging

Child Resistant Packaging Childproof

ASTM Certified, Child Resistant Packaging

In recent years, Fisher Container Corp has recognized a need for local packaging expertise in providing ASTM certified child-safety packaging. In response, we’ve put together a program of products compliant for MCPP of Illinois and other participating states.


The ONLY flexible pouch that is approved by the CPSC and EPA under ASTM D3475, Type XIA classification. Features a “Pinch and Zip” design which provides easy access for adults while maintaining formidible child-resistance.

Vacuum Sealers

We offer a selection of high-quality vacuum sealers to fit your professional needs with ergonomic designs, easy to use features, and nigtrogen flushing options.

Barrier Packaging

We’ve applied our 45 years of experience to create a line of barrier packaging catering to the medical and retail cannabis industry. Don’t be fooled by off-handed claims of “smell proof” packaging.


Child resistant containers with easy-open lid and airtight seal, available in a variety of colors.

SqueezeTops® J-Tubes

The only one-piece joint container to feature a squeeze-to-open design, available in a variety of colors.

Push N Turn Vials

Vials with push-and-turn unlocking action are certified child resistant.