Barrier Pouches

Fisher barrier pouches, zipper and Tyvek pouches

Fisher Container Corp. manufactures pouches in our state of the art ISO class 4 cleanroom. We can supply an incredible variety of pouch formats in numerous film and lamination types.

Bottom Gusset

A pouch with an inverted v-fold on the bottom. The base opens into a square, ideal for items with greater volume.

Back Seam Pouches

Pouches formed with a seal on one end and a seal down the middle of the back of the pouch.

Bottom Load Zipper Pouch

A zipper pouch with the bottom open. You fill and seal your product into the compartment below the zipper.

Chevron Pouch

A pouch with an entire peelable side with a seal pattern shaped like a back jean pocket. The outer area is square. The unsealed area on the bottom corners allow for an easy pull grip. Versions available for ETO and steam sterilization.

Corner Peel Pouch

A peel pouch seal with one corner used as a pull tag to allow easy open peel. For use in ETO sterilization.

Fold Over Bottom Pouch

A pouch sealed on 2 sides with a fold forming the bottom of the pouch.

Fold Over the Top Pouch

A bottom load pouch with seals on both sides and a fold forming the top of the pouch.


A compartment pouch with seals between compartments designed to fail under pressure. This allows you to fill compartments with different materials. At a later time you apply pressure to break the frangible seals to mix the components without opening the pouch.

Header Pouch

A pouch for ETO, gamma or steam sterilization with a peelable window. A variety of film types are available.


Designed to act like a true stand-up pouch, without the necessity of making expensive dies. A very cost effective solution for stand up packaging that displays your products in a stand up format on retail shelves.

Peel Pouch

A 3-side seal pouch with a peelable sealant layer. Ideal for sterile presentation, ETO, steam and gamma sterilization. Formats are available in a variety of film types.

Side Gusset

Both sides of the pouch have a v-fold that opens up forming a square opening at the top of the pouch.

Side Seal Pouch

A pouch sealed on 3 sides.


A pouch with a bottom gusset allowing your product to stand up on shelf after fill. Zip-close versions are available.

Tape Closure

A lip and tape can be added to many pouch formats to allow closure without heat sealing. Permanent and reseal tape is available.

Top Load Zipper Pouch

A zipper pouch with the opening above the zipper. Your fill will be through the zipper.

Tyvek® Pouches

Permeable pouches made partially or completely from biological barrier Tyvek. Header, chevron and 3-side seal versions are available in peelable and non-peelable formats. Gamma, ETO and steam sterilization formats are available.