Precision Clean Barrier Pouches®

Precision Clean Barrier PouchesPrecision Clean Barrier Pouches® have exceptional barrier properties ideal for sustaining long shelf life and applications requiring moisture and oxygen protection. The outstanding moisture barrier that these pouches provide makes them perfect for packaging electronics, precision components, medical devices, or other sensitive products. They are available in custom sizes ranging from 2″ x 2″ to 47″ x 72″ as flat bags and side or bottom gusseted bags, and can be printed on in up to ten colors.

Technical Data

PropertiesASTM TestTypical Value
MVTR (g/24 hr/100 sq in)E96/660.0
OTR (cc/m2/24 hr)E9653T0.0
Puncture ResistanceF213213
Tensile Strength, lb/sq in, MDD88221
Tensile Strength, lb/sq in, TDD88221
Tear Strength, g, MDASTM68996
Tear Strength, g, TDASTM68996