As a manufacturer of flexible packaging products as well as clean room packaging and films, over the generations we’ve acquired a wide range of skills, capabilities, and areas of specialized knowledge. To meet and exceed the diverse needs and expectations of our highly various customers, we’ve mastered a variety of applications, some of which are categorized here for your perusal.


High quality, 10 color flexographic printing with HD process images on wide web and repeat.


Wide web capable laminations tailored to your custom structure, barrier, handling, strength, and appearance requirements.


With over 65 years of experience in converting, Fisher Container Corp is capable of manufacturing almost any bag or pouch format used in industrial, commercial, medical, and retail applications.

Clean Room

Our ISO Class 4 clean room is the largest supplier of clean room packaging throughout the world, and is the first clean room packaging manufacturing operation to be granted ISO certification.


We are capable of precision-slitting wide web printing jobs to customized widths and unwinds for the convenience of our customers

Color Matching

We use X-Rite color matching to ensure that your specific, branded colors are printed with inscrutable accuracy, giving your product precisely the aesthetic you desire.

Shrink Packaging

Fisher Container Corp. can supply you with a wide variety of shrink films for case bundling, bottling, canning, contract packaging, and overwrap. We are able to provide superb printing capabilities for many types of shrink film, including polyethelyne, polyolephin, and poly-vinyl chloride (PVC).

Zip Packaging

We can provide zippers not only on common pouch types, but also with our Precision ZipClean Pouches™ attending to common lab application issues such as multi-entry use and bulk handling in clean room conditions.

Sterilizable Packaging

We manufacture most Tyvek-based, permeable, sterilizable pouch formats including header, chevron, 3-side-seal, peel/nonpeel, and more.